What is Better Between DIV TAG and TABLE TAG


回答:they are both valued the same, just if you use tables, don't nestle them too deep, like don't put a table within a table within a table within a table as that just makes too much junk in the HTML and the SE's don't like it



how to submit a site on search engines.Is there any software for submitting or what is the procedure?



Generally speaking, we don't recommend that you submit a website to the search engines. There are really only 4 major search engines now (ask.com, google.com, yahoo.com, and msn.com) and they will find your website--especially if you get other websites to link to your website.

Concentrate on building a good website with lots of good content and get links from other websites--then the search engines will find you.



(3) 搜索引擎更新時間

When does Google update?


回答:Google has a standard monthly update which generally occurs at the end of every month. Google has been known to delay updates (or process them sooner than expected) when the mood strikes. Chances are delays are due to new algorithms being implemented and tested.



Here is a little history about our site (URL in profile). Our site has been up for a little over 3 years and currently we have very good ranking in Yahoo and MSN. We rank almost always on the first page of Yahoo for the product names of the products we sell. However, in Google we are practically nowhere.


回復1:I've always noticed that Google places a lot more importance on inbound links that the other SEs. If you rank really well on Yahoo & MSN, but not Google, that could mean your site itself is optimized well - now you just need to work on getting relevant sites to link to you. Not reciprocal links - inbound links.


回復2:Blogs, Articles, Forums, or Social bookmarking helps a lot in getting optimum results. I tried 2 weeks, and i get PR5 for my site. Make sure your article no duplication. Social bookmarking will help as well



Okay, I tried Google Analytics when they first came out and I wasn't that impressed only because the "numbers" were SO FAR off.

But, lately I was convinced by someone that it's much better now.

So, 6 weeks ago I installed the script on all the pages of my website. So, for March 2007 the raw logs on my website say that I received an average of 495 visitors a day with a total of over 15,000 visitors for the month. That's total visitors.

But according to Google Analytics I only received 440 visitors, total for the entire month of March.

Is it just me or are the stats in Google Analytics not credible? Anyone else with this situation?

翻譯:主要談論的是google的自身網站分析器的統計不完全性和不穩定性,總體的網站訪問數量沒有被完全統計進去,這個問題的回復比較多,連治理員都參與了,我就不列出來,兩派都有各自的觀點,但總體上反應出google Analytics 對獨立IP的統計可能是不準確的。

其實熟悉SEO的朋友看得出來,國外討論的一些問題,和我們國內,大家在SEO論壇里討論的也差不多,而我們,討論更多的可能是百度,而他們的重點,主要是google,然后是yahoo,MSN,要是你在國外論壇來一句:“how about baidu?”估計沒什么人回復。


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